About Us

About Us

DigiTOP Digital Transformation Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, “DigiTOP” is a newly established Boutique Consulting Firm founded by Professional Practitioners with over 50 years of experience in ITES industry. Disruptive new generation Technology is dramatically changing the way businesses are run. Enterprises today,need to realign their strategies to gain and retain advantages through leveraging the cutting-edge technologies. Companies adopting to these changes have a better chance of staying ahead of the curve and competition. New technologies bring with them the potential to augment the capabilities of humans, improve productivity and thereby transform business.

In the wake of the fourth industrial revolution where technology is going to be all-pervasive, just implementing it does not deliver the desired outcome. The focus ironically must be more on answering the question Do we have the HUMANWARE to operate in this environment? Additionally, Is our Process ready to effectively leverage the new technology? The goal should be to build automation enabled organization and not look to automation as an add on. This calls for a shift in the entire culture of the organization.

The first step for Smarter enterprises towards shift is by investing in talent through various programs, ensuring all employees are digital savvy. It is important to recognize this approach fo talent management and retention is the next step to be successful in this changing environment. Organizations need to work towards putting “humans” in the loop – rethinking work architecture, retraining people and rearranging the organization to leverage technology to transform into a smart business.

The second step towards the shift is to redesign business processes and operations to make it fit for technology, it’s a well-accepted fact that automating inefficiency does not deliver transformation. Does Enterprise have a framework and standard operating practices for all their activities? Do they have governance to ensure adherence to standard practice? Do they have continuous improvement programs for waste identification and elimination? All these issues become crucial for readying the enterprise to be automation enabled.

The third and final step towards the shift is to put a model in place to deploy the technologies in an agile manner. Acceptance to failures must be accounted for. considering all the hype around possibilities need to be tested and adopted. There is a requirement to underestimate short term gains and have a larger outlook towards long term gains. Surprisingly. today we see contrary is being followed. Patience is the key as Vendors may fail to prove the concept, the concept may not deliver the expected outcome or result may not add tangible value.


DigiTOP Digital Transformation Consulting Services Pvt Ltd has been set up to address the change management strategy which has the aim to align PEOPLE PROCESS AND TECHNOLOGY initiatives of Enterprises enabling them to navigate the fourth industrial revolution. We have established industry leading practices based on 50+ years of hands-on practitioner’s experience leading to developing scientific tools to create a system to address the dynamic needs of enterprises to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction.

Deep Operational Knowledge

  • 50+ years of Practitioner Experience in Process optimization, Deliver Excellence & Transformation.
  • Over 500+ L6 process Maps with Digital repository of Intelligent Automation
  • BOT Menu

Ability to deliver End to End Robotics Process Automation

  • RPA Choice – Full spectrum of RPA services comprising Advisory, Estimation (RPA Advise/Estimate), Implementation (RPA Deliver) and Support (RPA Operate)
  • Operations Expertise through Process Re-engineering

Cognitive Machine Learning Platform

  • End to End automation with Capture-Analyse-Act functionality
  • Robust long-term solution unlike point solution in case of RPA
  • Process and Industry agnostics, proven case studies in F&A, FS & HR

Industrialized Best Practices

  • Feasibility assessment for automation of individual process steps
  • Iterative/agile development with short sprints and & modular design
  • Coding library and Reusable Plugins
  • Building reusable components & version control of reusable libraries
  • Soft launch of robots – phased increase of workloads post go live

Innovative Tools & Accelerators

  • Accelerators for every phase of the lifecycle
  • Product & Process agnostic architectural frameworks, accelerators, methodologies, and estimators
  • Readily available heatmap, process assessment templates, reusable components, POCs, and experience from pilots
  • Hands-on experience of the practitioners to help driving transformation

Product & Process Agnostic Approach

  • DigiTOP brings in a product & Process agnostic approach to be able to choose the right product for the right processes
  • DigiTOP has partnerships with key product partners and makes the selection of products based on the processes identified and customer’s priorities
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