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Capability Build of Talent

  • As digital transformation disrupts the workplace, one factor more than any other will determine which companies turn digital to their advantage. That critical element is people: Without the right people, companies will struggle to benefit as they should from the latest advances
  • The technologies themselves will be evolving and relatively easy to exchange, but the workers capable of using them will be scarce. Research by Gartner suggests a severe shortfall in digital talent around the world by 2020, 30% of tech jobs will be unfilled owing to digital talent shortfalls. According to recent BCG research, even today, the biggest perceived technology challenge is not data security or the need to invest but a lack of qualified employees.
  • DigiTop Digital Transformation Consulting Services Pvt Ltd is responding to this challenge by building a new pool of skilled digital Talent. We understand the talent requirement and have developed curriculum both for newly graduating talent and also for experienced talent who foresee their current skills getting redundant.

We believe to build and retain a strong pool of digital talent, companies must first define what digital skill need to be nurtured and developed. At DigiTop we fully understand the digital profiles, or job functions focused on back-office operations.

Some of the newer skills roles that are key will be

  • The digital Transformation manager
  • The business analyst
  • The data scientist
  • The robotics and automation engineer
  • The solution architects

Apart from core skills, we believe in developing talent with the mindset of an entrepreneur and inclined towards data-driven decision making. We intend to develop expertise in multidisciplinary teams and show a strong tendency toward collaborative and agile ways of working.

Our program is designed to meet skills as per the pyramid of any enterprise, not every skill needs to be mastered at different levels, Basic awareness of the skills designed for freshers, Intermediate & advanced mastery based on role. DigiTOP will help Enterprises Institute digital enablement of our framework for each of the levels as elaborated below

Of the three skill levels, basic awareness is the easiest to build and the most relevant to large groups of employees. Awareness can be developed using online tools, training materials from vendors, and even publicly available resources. For the intermediate and advanced levels, skill building naturally requires more time and resources. Exactly how much more depends primarily on the skills being considered within each function; however, a mix of training, experience-based learning, practice, and even job rotation is typically required.

Our capability build curriculum are curated to meet specific needs of Enterprises comprising of following 4 dimensions customized to meet the needs of new skills that are relevant

Business Process Management

Functional / Process & ERP Orientation

Soft skills & Competencies
Performance Management

Digital Automation
Latest Technology Trends

Digital Automation Latest Technology Trends

Our suite of training available includes the following

  • Hire Train Deploy
  • Upskill Traditionalist
  • RPA Development
  • Business Analyst Development
  • Solution Architect
  • Functional for Developer
  • ML, Data science, AI

Key advantages of our training are delivered under

State of Art Infrastructure

We deliver ultimate learning experience with our state-of-the-art-infrastructure which includes classrooms, sophisticated lab & other features operational 7 days a week with flexible batches

Blended Training Approach

Exposure towards real-time industry training by our experienced trainers will help you become a complete dominant professional in your desired profession.
Empower you to become your best! (recommended)

Coaching & Mentoring

Our programs provides guidance, career counseling by industry veterans to help fast track your careers

Case Study Demo Based

Free Demo Sessions  by our qualified domain experts will help the aspirants to get a better idea about the course program & can get their doubts clarified by the experts

Key Outcomes delivered under our various programs are

  • Resources trained with functional skills and competencies
  • The minimum learning curve and faster onboarding to operations
  • Exposure to the latest technologies and trends
  • Build a strong pipeline of Leaders for Tomorrow
  • Enhanced Efficiencies and Effectiveness
  • Product specific certification

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