Digital Transformation and Consulting

Value Engineering


Rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve improvements & make process fit for technology is the critical path for enterprises in their transformation journey. Though process reengineering is often quoted enterprises need to realize the challenges of embarking on this journey considering the fact that it entails change management, heavy requirements of data, information and time commitment of resources. There are multiple bottlenecks and multiple stakeholders. The possibility of reengineering agenda getting derailed and being an expensive affair without achieving the enterprise’s goals are high.

At DigiTop based on years of experience and successful transformation program, we have simplified and developed an agile framework to help clients in their journey.

A successful process rethinking starts by asking the below questions

  • Are all processes operating at the highest efficiency?
  • Is there an effective documentation process and support
    material to ensure continuity of service?
  • Do processes have enough control points to ensure
    adequate regulatory and authorization compliance?
  • Is the extent of standardization appropriate?
  • Have we made wasteful activities redundant?
  • Have we regulated variance in processes?
  • Do we have data points to measure efficiency and effectiveness?
  • Do we have case studies of best practices?

Our  Transformation and Consulting practice includes the following offerings

  • Process Assessment & Feasibility Analysis
  • Value Re-engineering
  • Creating Digital Roadmap and Proof of Concept
  • Selecting Right Candidate for Automation
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis & Business Case Preparation
  • Developing a Target Operating Model – (Centre of Excellence)
  • PMO as a Service

DigiTOP has developed best in class transformation methodology named ERA which stands for Eradicate, Regulate & Automate to deliver Business Value Re-engineering. Our experience using this methodology has shown interesting insights on where the maximum benefit or opportunities are available to enhance the effectiveness and efficiencies of a process. Eradicate and Regulate provides significant value & agility in driving process harmonization additionally provides inputs to automation interventions.


  • Identify and Eliminate wastes that are inherent in the processes using the latest technology for faster outcomes
  • Look for “X’s (root causes) for non-value-added activities and eradicate them
  • Demand v/s Supply management through the deployment of PMS (Performance Management System)
  • Deploy OAE (Overall Asset Effectiveness) to track Productivity
  • Utilization and Accuracy
  • Resource Pyramid optimization
  • Right shore strategy


  • Regulate process variations and gaps by standardized way of working
  • DTP Compliance – Call out for process exceptions/. deviations and drive neutrality
  • Launch “Control Center” (CC) for unified ways of data measurement and reporting
  • End to End Business Analytics (Going beyond SLA) drive business impact
  • Avoid Reinventing the wheel – Share best practices (Reuse of business templates)
  • Documentation Revamp – DTP’s
  • Process Maps
  • SIPOCs
  • Exceptions
  • Definitions of SLA’s / KPI’s


  • Selecting Right Candidate for Automation
  • Digital Cockpit – One stop shop for Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Process Documentation
  • Communication
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a Service
  • Implementation of Machine Learning tools (OCR/ICR)
  • Smart Automation using macros for enhanced efficiencies
  • Adoption of Block Chain concept

Key Outcomes from our Digital Transformation and Consulting

Services offering are as under

  • Digital Cockpit / One Stop Shop
  • Optimized business case
  • Right Selection of Technology Product(s) for enterprise-level automation
  • Guidelines & Roadmap for Implementation
  • Continuous improvement framework
  • Process Mapping and Documentation

ERA – Visualisation for optimised finance process 


  • ~ 80% reduction in efforts
  • Shifts in focus from transactional
  • P2P to Analytics / Exceptions
  • on Time payments 90%+
  • Up to 80% of invoices processed automatically
  • PO competence of 90%+
  • Reduction of urgent payments to <2%
  • Queries reduced <5%


  • Improved CX and ~30% reduction in effort and cycle times
  • Shift in focus on customer experience and satisfaction
  • Radical change to Customer Experience
  • 30%+ overall effort reduction/ productivity improvement
  • Direct positive impact on DSO/working capital
  • 20% ~ 30% reduction of overdue receivables
  • 30% ~ 50% reduction of deduction and dispute cycle time


  • ~50% faster closing
  • Shift focus from transactional R2R to controllership
  • 50%+ overall effort reduction/productivity improvement
  • 25%+ journals elimination
  • Up to 90%+ reduction in time spent on intracompany reconciliation
  • Up to 70% reduction in time spent closing and reporting
  • 1-2 days for closing and reporting – continuous close

DigiTOP specializes in implementation of Digital Cockpit “One Stop Shop” with the following key objectives

1. Data Reporting and Analytics

  • SLA’s and KPI’s reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Service Insights

2. Quality Control and assurance

  • Process Documentation
  • ISO Audit & Compliance
  • CSAT survey
  • Contract Management
  • Continuous Improvements

3. Visual Management

  • Flash reports
  • RAG alerts
  • Floor TV dashboards
  • Employee Performance Grid
  • Value Stream Maps

4. Operational Excellence

  • Demand Vs Supply
  • Productivity Trends
  • Volume forecasting
  • TAKT time analysis
  • Overall Asset Effectiveness – OAE

DigiTop Transformation methodology delivers a process driven organizations.  It is about creating an organization which has perpetual succession (endless life) and is not bound by constraints of time, skill and morality of its members.  These organizations grow in terms of knowledge, a scale of operations and efficiency irrespective of the contribution of its members.

The outcome of our Transformation methodology delivers  the below advantages:

Institutionalized Knowledge: The knowledge of a process driven organization lies not in its people but in the system. The organization scans the environment to update its best practices with regards to every activity that needs to be performed. This procedure is then explicitly documented leading to easy adoption of technology.

Eternal: A transformed process driven organization has virtually unlimited time. Since there is a mechanism created to transfer the skill from the system to any person as and when required, the system can expand almost endlessly.

Self Governing Mechanism: A transformed process driven organization exercises control through Digital Cockpit. Data regarding various activities are compiled and measured on a regular basis to provide stakeholders key insights.

Easy Replication: The best feature of a transformed process driven organization is that it can be easily replicated. It makes organization agile, scalable and deploy intelligent automation.


Our Transformation agenda deliver

  • Digital Cockpit / One Stop Shop
  • Optimized business case
  • Right Selection of Technology Product(s) for enterprise-level automation
  • Guidelines & Roadmap for Implementation
  • Continuous improvement framework
  • Process Mapping and Documentation

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