Intelligent Automation as a Service

Intelligent Automation

Our vision is to help enterprises to overcome challenges of deploying automation in an environment where every day we are bombarded with a new cool product, jargons, and technology which promises to improve productivity, eliminate human effort and digitization of operations.

Enterprises are faced with the challenge of determining the right solution and avoid disruptive expensive products. There is a need to cut the noise and hype of what is possible and provide honest intelligent solution ensuring the short term over expectations are managed and we deliver real outcomes in long run. In a market dominated by point solution that is limited to one process, one activity which is not sustainable in the long term solution is maturing technologies with ML/AI capability which will address end to end process. Allowing automation to work non-disruptively alongside or in place of the workforce could provide a rapid and significant value to enterprises.

At DigiTop we have built expertise in helping Enterprises to deploy the best in breed technologies additionally have experience in testing out a new product. Being practitioners, we have hands-on experience in evaluating the right candidates in a process life cycle which can be automated. DigiTop will be able to help enterprise over a suite of services in this space from helping select the right technology, compare tools, build COE’s, Ready Usable Libraries, BOT Menu or engage in rapid deployment. Depending on what stage an Enterprise is in its journey towards Digital Transformation, DigiTop can add value by providing its rich expertise in this space. We have a partnership with key product companies and leverage the ecosystem to help in the agile implementation of the automation agenda.

We have experience in testing Cognitive Platforms which are process and industry agnostic with the capability to Capture – Analyse – Act functionality, making it a more robust solution to the more prevalent vanilla Bots which comes with limitations.

One Digital Enterprise Platform to Automate

Simplify Process Design

Automate Business
Process Simplify Process

Inefficiencies Simplify Process

Our Intelligent Automation as a Service practice includes following offerings 

  • Process Assessment & Feasibility Analysis
  • Creating Digital Roadmap and Proof of Concept
  • Selecting Right Candidate for Automation
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis & Business Case Preparation
  • Developing a Target Operating Model – CoE
  • PMO as a Service
  • Automation Design & Solution Architecture
  • Automation Menu
  • Agile-based Iterative Implementation
  • Comprehensive Automation Testing (UT, SIT, UAT)
  • Process Discovery & Requirements Management

Key Outcomes from Intelligent Automation as a Service practice 

  • Detailed process definitions and automation
    solution framework
  • Scalable and resilient architecture
  • End to End test plans and strategy
  • Deployable code libraries Menu
  • Accelerated delivery with faster time to market

Digitop will provide enterprises with a one-stop shop for crafting automation strategy to navigate through an ever-changing landscape of technology disruption.

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